Sources of recommendations

Chat AI app is an app that provides personalized meal plans as well as guidance and recommendations to support a healthy lifestyle. While broadening your horizons of what the food you consume can do for you in terms of nutrition and calories, Chat AI App is not meant to be used for any advice, diagnosis, prevention or treatment of a disease or medical condition. That is, Chat AI is not a medical device or app. Make sure to consult your physician or healthcare provider for medical advice and any counter-indications before making any medical decisions. 

Sources of recommendations:

Recommended Dietary Pattern to Achieve Adherence to the American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology (AHA/ACC)

Harvard School of Public Health – Diet Review: Mediterranean Diet

American Heart Association – What is the Mediterranean diet? 

American Heart Association – Protein and Heart Health 

 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition – Effects of energy-restricted high-protein, low-fat compared with standard-protein, low-fat diets: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials – 2012 

A High-Protein Diet Plan to Lose Weight and Improve Health